Novara, Piedmont

Latteria di Cameri

Latteria di Cameri is a cooperative comprising nineteen dairy farms, all of which are located in foothills of the Italian Alps.  The milk is brought to the main diary in the outskirts of the city of Novara, where they make the world famous Gorgonzola cheese.

Founded in 1914, the cooperative works with local farmers to produce milk and dairy products using traditional methods, with a focus on quality, and on high standards of animal welfare.

They are working hard to implement more sustainable practises and have implemented a range of measures to reduce their environmental impact, including using renewable energy sources, particularly solar panels, and a range of waste reduction measures. 

We visited the main dairy in 2022.  Like many of these PDO producers in continental Europe, the scale of production is by no means small or artisan, but there is a tremendous focus on quality.  This cheese is a big favourite in our business.  

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