Our values

We source and we sell wonderful Italian food.  Our mantra has always been to sell the best examples of the Italian classics, and everything flows from this. 

The food we sell brings people together - around a family meal, a picnic, or a party.  We believe our food helps make lives better. 

Transparency and Openness

We put transparency at the heart of everything we do.  We can speak to the origins and ingredients of everything we sell, from field to fork. We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers, so when people buy from us, they know what they are buying. 

Heritage and Tradition

We support traditional, artisan scale production methods.  Our activities help to sustain rural communities, rare breeds, and traditional skills while at the same embracing new technologies. 

Ethical Finances

We are a London Living Wage employer.  The relationships we have with our producers are in most cases several years old, so are by definition rooted in mutual benefit.   We have no time for the destructive buyer/supplier relationships that are endemic in our industry.

First class service

Everyone who works in our business is passionate about food.  We want to give our customers the best possible service, and the people who work in the business are the key to making this happen.

A More Sustainable World

We believe that a short, transparent supply chain is the key to sustainable food retailing. We are a tiny business, but we endeavour to align ourselves with key sustainability principles in the industry, working towards goals of reducing waste, using more thoughtful packaging, being more socially responsible, and lowering our company’s impact on the planet.

The Borough Market has a Food Policy which gives a wider strategic context for these values.

More about us

Our producers

The close relationships we have with our producers is central to how our business works. 

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Who we are

We are a family-owned and family-run Italian food specialist that works closely with family...

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What we do

We work directly with our Italian producer partners, who send their products directly to us.

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Free Delivery

We offer free delivery for orders above £50. Orders may arrive +/-2 days of your requested delivery date

Fresh from Italy

Our products arrive fresh from Italy every Friday morning.


We focus on a smaller product range so we can ensure the highest possible standards

Expert Guidance

Not sure what you’re looking for? Call or text and we can talk you through your order