San Miniato

Sergio Falaschi

We love Sergio Falaschi. 

We love his wonderful terrace restaurant and deli in San Miniato, we love his brilliant white salume production unit in the valley below, we love watching the Cinata Senese pigs that he uses forage in the Tuscan hills - and we love his products.

We came to Sergio eight years ago through our erstwhile London colleague Andrea Orsini, who is now back in Italy working with Sergio. We have eaten on the terrace many times, in different seasons. Spoiler alert - there is no place for vegetarians there.  Sergios son, Andrea, worked butcher in London with one of the founders of Borough Market, Peter Gott.

The family started producing in 1925.  Their signature product, the fennel salami (Salami Finocchiona) became a staple during World War Two, when black pepper became scarce, so local fennel seeds were widely adopted. 

Sergios products are a core part of our business.

We have been buying from him for over seven years now, without his salami, prosciutto, pancetta and more we would surely not be where we are now.  One of the special things about Falaschi’s production is the eschewing of nitrates, or indeed any artificial preservatives at all.

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