Parma, Italy

Bre Del Gallo

We all agree that Italy is the home of European gastronomy - and that in Italy, Emilia is the top food region.  Furthermore in Emilia, most people accept that Culatello di Zibello is the king of cured meats. 

So whenever I walk into the remarkable curing rooms at Bre Del Gallo, close to the River Po, it is hard to avoid the feeling of being on hallowed ground. Foodie ground zero, if you will.  

Brothers Fabrizio and Amedeo Magnani manage this tiny business under the watchful eye of their father Alfredo. 

They are one of only a few producers of this product, and one of only a handful who have been given the Slow Food Presidia mark.They are always so helpful and supportive of our efforts, and their products have become firm favourites with our London customers.

"Of all the producers we buy from, this has to be my favourite.  The combination of heritage, quality and the affection i feel for this family is unrivalled

— Philip Crouch

Culatello production is a tiny niche due to traditional methods and the impact of local humid climate, without any temperature or humidity control in curing rooms.

Bre Del Gallo have taken an active role in the development of Culatello and have been instrumental in preserving its traditional production methods, ensuring that this Italian delicacy is made in the same way it has been for centuries.

Fabrizio & Amadeo take great pride in their culatello, as evidenced by their statement "Parma ham is for the hospital..." implying that their product is of superior quality.

Amadeo, who is a vet, plays an active role in selecting the meat used in their production, while both him and Fabrizio handle various tasks due to the small size of their operation. They learned the art of culatello production from their father.

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