Cormons, Italy


We buy all of our smoked salume/prosciutti from D’Osvaldo, a producer specialising in smoked, cured meats since 1949.

We met them for the first time back in 2018 and their products have become an increasingly important part of our business - due both to their quality, but also to visiting them and seeing just how remarkable their production is. They produce around 3000 prosciutto per year, a drop in the bucket compared to larger prosciutto makers. 

The company is run by Andrew and Monica D’Osvaldo, having learned from their father Lorenzo, their grandfather Lugi having started the tradition after seeing smoked meats being made in Hungary in the 1930s.

Their production uses the same recipes and methods as he used eighty years ago.

Their production takes place during the winter and spring months, as is tradition, which does mean that we occasionally run out of their products as they are in increasingly high demand.

That’s all part of the fun of buying from such a sincerely artisan-level producer. 

They focus solely on whole pieces of their products, selling no pre-sliced or packaged prosciutto, and we are one of very few suppliers outside Italy.

Only pigs reared in Friuli-Venezia are used; D’Osvaldo work with local breeders to ensure that the animals are kept to their high standards, with the right diet. 

Though they produce an excellent traditional prosciutto, their focus is primarily on their smoked products - so much so that they have a purpose built smoking chamber on their property.

They have refined their recipe down to a particular ratio of Laurel and Cherry wood - themselves unusual in smoked products due to their high cost, with the chamber including a large iron pot that they fill with water and aromatic herbs, including juniper, rosemary, fennel, and melissa (lemon balm). Products hang for varying times depending on their type and size - ranging from barely an hour for the Guanciale, to several days for Speck and Prosciutto Affumicato.

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